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Blue Ashva Capital is an investment Fund that is backing sustainable and long-term profitable businesses which are solving real challenges and building lasting value in core sectors.
Our founder, Satya, grew up in a small village about 80 kms north of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, where the summer heat offered little refuge to those who dared to step outside. His daily activities included trips to the nearest well for water, long walks to school in a nearby village and running errands for his grandpa's shop - A very modest village life.

Growing up in this environment, he understood first-hand the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ in life. As he reflected on his career over the last three decades that involved building businesses within the corporate world or advising ultra-high net worth business families, he saw a general pattern of value attribution moving away from ‘needs’ (what he calls “core”) to ‘wants’ (what he calls “derivative”).

He saw that entrepreneurs and investors have also been gravitating towards opportunities that garner higher valuations because of being "in the trend". There is nothing inherently wrong about building businesses that attract higher valuation multiples. However, there is a significant paradox here that cannot be overlooked i.e. the world is facing urgent and immediate challenges especially in the field of energy, food security, climate change and economic immobility for those at the bottom of the pyramid. And yet, the smartest talent continues to gravitate towards derivative sectors that do not solve the core issues at hand. The same trend holds true for capital allocation.

Most business families and family offices shy away from commiting any serious capital to address the core sectors. These core areas are erroneously perceived as unprofitable investment opportunities and best left to the government, public institutions or other philanthropy bodies.

These observations made him realize that there is an urgent need for entrepreneurial solutions to tackle larger issues that the world faces today. With this belief Blue Ashva Capital was formed to build businesses that create the right balance between profitability and impact.

We have set out to find, invest in and grow such businesses that can build a better future.

We are excited to be on this journey and hope many more will join us along the way.

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