Blue Ashva Jockeys

Backing world class entrepreneurial talent

Every Good Horse needs a Great Jockey.

It's common wisdom among investors that one should bet on the jockey, not the horse. But often times, the best jockeys are not yet founders. They excel at their roles, understand an industry deeply and have always been builders within their organizations. But they're looking for something more. Something greater.

We are looking for people who possess the skills to build and lead businesses but have not have the opportunity to start out.

If this is you, join us, our portfolio companies or lead our innovations to market.

Experienced industry professionals with deep domain expertise
Looking to transition into
an entrepreneurial role
Have a Founder’s mindset and are willing to build a business
Interested in becoming a jockey?
Every good horse needs a great jockey. 
If you’re looking join something world changing, join us.