Founder Letter

Are We Missing The Roots?

I had the privilege of working closely with various business families. Many of these families often discuss what wealth means to them and how they should take it forward both from a legacy perspective as well as impacting the society at large.

We all agree that our 'true wealth' is our children and our legacy is going to be defined by how our children grow, rather than by how much we leave behind for them (whatever be the structure).

Do we know enough about what drives our 'true wealth'?

Our GenNext is far more educated, often from best of the universities globally but many of them have remained away from their family and cultural roots. We have seen the family elders often finding it difficult to mould them into their family values. This is quite commonly seen from the third generation onwards. This is where their sanskar (values) are seen as more valuable than their management education.

First of all, are we the role models for our GenNext?

While the world looks at us for spiritual wisdom and life-management lessons, our own children are drifting away from this.

Aren't we missing the roots here?