Catalyzing SMEs

Investment Thesis Outline

Businesses worldwide are SMEs
Employment worldwide in SMEs
Contribution to GDP in emerging economies
$5.2 Trillion
SME finance gap every year in developing countries
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Empowering small and medium enterprises to fuel growth ambitions and create a positive impact in the local and global economy.


Small and medium enterprises (SME) contribute immensely in the economic and social development of a country. However, they are starved of capital from formal credit institutions given their small scale of operations. This leads them to raise capital from informal sources which does not augment positively for their business.


Financing SMEs provides a large market opportunity to invest in SMEs that have limited access to formal channels of capital. Institutions that can understand the financing needs of a SME business and support it with intelligent and patient capital can reap superior risk-adjusted financial returns over long periods of time.

Our Approach

We believe that SMEs foster entrepreneurship and generate large scale livelihood opportunities. SMEs today are operating across sectors and producing diverse range of products and services that cater to both domestic and global markets. We look forward to partner with scalable SME businesses run by driven management teams for whom in our assessment capital should not be a constraint for growth.

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