Investment Thesis Outline

55 GtCO2e
Total GHG Emissions in 2018
Emissions reduction required for 1.5c target
G20 members’ contribution to global GHG emissions
$11 - $21 trillion
Needed to decarbonize 50% industry’s CO2 emissions
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Circular Economy

Using sustainable and profitable nature-based and industry-based approaches to reducing carbon emissions and carbon content in the atmosphere, thereby solving a pressing need of the planet and building lasting business enterprises.


Increasing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is leading to adverse climatic conditions. The negative effects of Climate Change are being experienced across the planet and the trend is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades unless the carbon emissions are tackled head-on.


Innovative biological and chemical solutions can be deployed to not only reduce the ongoing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, but also reduce the existing carbon content of the atmosphere, thus restoring ecological balance. This can be done by developing business models which implement decarbonization at scale and generate profits to become long-lasting enterprises.

Our Approach

We believe that decarbonization is not a one-time exercise and needs to become a way of living so that it not only restores but also maintains the environmental balance. In order to achieve this, we want to co-create a business ecosystem around the issue of decarbonization that can help incentivize the market in providing lasting solutions to the problem. Some of the themes according to us that can achieve massive scale impact are ‘Agro-forestry’ and ‘Carbon Capture & Utilization’.

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