Circular Economy

Investment Thesis Outline

260 - 460 MT
Expected growth in plastic waste per year by 2030
Current recycling rate of plastics waste
2 Billion Tons
Global municipal solid waste annually
Waste disposed in unregulated dumps or burned
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Implementing sustainable green solutions that involve extracting value from waste, in turn utilizing scarce resources to the fullest extent and reducing burden on the planet.


Globally there is huge problem of disposal of different kinds of waste. Depending on the nature of waste, it either goes to landfills, is incinerated or is recycled in some form. Given the increasing trend of global consumerism, recycling and reuse of waste is the need of the hour.


The global markets are hungry for innovative technologies and solutions that can solve the problem of growing waste pollution. This provides an incredible opportunity for businesses to develop efficient circular economy models that not only serve the planet positively but also create economic value.

Our Approach

Our belief is rooted in the fact that our planet has limited resources and we need to make the best use of them, so that they do not create pollution and last for generations. We are looking to build integrated ‘waste to value’ chains right from supply to processing to market linkage, that incentivize all market participants and achieve the end goal of building a circular economy. Some of the themes that look promising in this regard are converting waste to green-fuels and biofuels.

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