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Global GHG emissions due to Food Production
Small holder famers lack access to credit
$200 B
Funding Gap in global agriculture market
Global GDP Share
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Agri and agritech innovation is crucial to help develop and adopt farm practices and techniques to address the challenges of low yield, inefficient supply chains, high post-harvest losses and overall low value realization at farm end.


Despite multiple efforts, a large number of farmers do not have access to robust agri infrastructure and value chain support which perpetuates the misery of smallholder farmers globally. At the same time, rapid environmental degradation is crippling agriculture and rendering it unsustainable


Two of the largest agrarian regions of world (India and the African Subcontent) have set ambitious goals for agriculture becoming a driving force for economic development of large sections of society.

There is an opportunity to build businesses that can formalize the agri market in such economies and provide a market linkage to the global markets which were previously inaccessible. Capital and technology have key roles to play in these endeavors.

Our Approach

We aim to invest cohesively across the agri value chain to support the overall ecosystem of agrarian and rural economy. This includes:

  • Nurturing micro/rural entrepreneurs to build last mile connectivity
  • Development of cost effective nurseries and other natural input supply chain
  • Technology and process innovation for sustainable farming
  • Food processing for higher value add and post harvest loss minimization
  • Efficient market linkage for better value realization
  • Providing access to capital in the overall value chain
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